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Unrest (2006)

Reviewed on 2007 August 8

This was such a disappointing movie because there were occasional flashes of brilliance in it, but they were short-lived.

After a promising, disjointed (in a good, disturbing way) intro of a zombie-ish woman cutting herself, her corpse winds up at a morgue, ready for yet more cutting by a crew of medical students. I’ve never, ever, seen a morgue like this: the bodies are floating in a huge tank of formaldehyde, making it look like Marilyn Manson’s aquarium. One student, Alison Blanchard (Corri English), notices a cadaver’s scars and is creeped out when she realizes they’re not accidental. The crew of students training with her couldn’t care less. They’re too busy christening her “Norma” until Brian Cross (Scot Davis), the other thoughtful one in the bunch, cautions them to respect the dead. The guys aren’t that disrespectful and yet the body tank is soon packed to ridiculousness.

Alison senses this is all tied to her corpse, but can’t get anyone except Brian to listen to her. She also has a sick feeling she’ll be next unless she can “give the corpse what she wants”. The problems were the disjointed clues coming out of nowhere, the plot holes, and I’m sorry, but the “creepy” chanting just made me think of Bugs Bunny freaking out in “Falling Hare”.

I’ve always heard you should write about what you know. This was directed and co-written by Jason Todd Ipson, who was a General Surgery resident. I could sense how he might have felt, doing rotations in a chilly hospital at three in the morning and trying to get up the nerve to see why that strange light waaaaaaay at the end of the dark, empty corridor is flickering. Bits of that came through, and that’s why I’m being so harsh: come on, man, you can scare the hell out of us if you really tried!

One chocolate morsel, and a glass to Jason Todd Ipson’s next effort.



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