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The Grey (2011)

Reviewed on 2012 May 31

I’m giving this thing one morsel, and I’m going to do a brief synopsis along with a spoiler-laden list of why the thing didn’t work for me. The synopsis is for people who still want to Redbox® it; the review is for people who want to have a good laugh and catch something else.

The synopsis: Ottway (Liam Neeson) is amongst a bunch of other tough guys in Alaska; an oil worker who seems to prefer quietly getting drunk to deaden some pain, rather than party and fight with the other roughnecks. They’re soon on their way home for a break, but the plane crashes, stranding Ottway and seven other men in the middle of a snowy wild that is only populated by wolves. Trying to keep from freezing and scaring up food until they’re rescued would be miserable enough, but no. There are tons of snarling, drooling, glowing-eyed wolves out there, in the dark, and they’re furious at the intrusion by these men.

Stop here if you still want to see this.

Show the spoilers

Something is really wrong. It was just a huge disappointment to me.



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