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27 Dresses (2008)

Reviewed on 2009 September 16

This is another in a long line of chick flicks, but this was entertaining, and if you’re a woman, it could even be useful. If you got your BFFs to sit through this before they plan a wedding, you may get a halfway decent shot at standing up in a nice black cocktail gown instead of some lace Day-Glo™ monstrosity.

Jane (Katherine Heigl) is a devoted, patient friend, and something of an early articulator when it comes to big, fluffy weddings and being responsible. The responsibility was foisted upon her; the weddings she just instinctively loves. This is reinforced when she does some emergency mending on a bridal gown that gets torn before a relative’s wedding. The relieved bride lets Jane carry her train, and a future Olympic® bridesmaid is born. Jane apparently stands up for the wedding of every friend she ever had, and this is reinforced later by showing us a whole closet full of Technicolor® ugly, but she doesn’t really mind. She’s just looking forward to her day.

One night Jane is running back and forth between two weddings, apparently not having the heart to say no to either friend. She meets Kevin (James Marsden), a cynical reporter who’s stuck doing the wedding beat for his newspaper and who dislikes writing for the “taffeta ghetto” as much as he dislikes weddings in general. You can tell Kevin is smitten with Jane, but she doesn’t care for the caustic Kevin. She’s in love with George (Edward Burns), her so-good-he’s-almost-annoying boss. George is a vegetarian, animal-loving, non-profit type greenie, but he’s still a good guy, and Jane pines for him. It looks like she may get him, until her baby sister Tess (Malin Akerman) comes to visit. Jane is very pretty — I think with her red hair and shape of her face, she looks a bit like a Judd — but Tess is flashy and bubbly and blond, and George throws eco-friendliness out the window.

I admit there’s nothing for guys here. This is for every woman who had to wear Skittle®-colored polyester with those horrible dyed-to-match shoes. You can probably guess it’s as predictable as the little scoop of vanilla ice cream you get at a wedding reception. Fortunately it’s also as sweet. The character of Tess is cartoony, and I thought it worked here. Heigl makes Jane the level-headed person everyone needs as a friend, and Judy Greer is great as Casey, the free spirit we all wish we knew.

Two chocolate morsels and…a scoop of hazelnut gelato. (Oh come on, something here had to be out of the blue.)


morsel morsel

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