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Shuktis Mailbag

th_envelopeSend love letters and hate mail to Shukti.

Tim — Sharon, Wisconsin (2009 July 28)

I was wandering around and found your movie reviews. I’ve been reading them for the last 30 minutes, jumping around a bit to see what you’ve got to say about the ones I’ve seen.

I just have to say that as fun as the middle of Up was, I think the introduction sequence was worth the price of admission itself. After seeing the scene where he turned to the last page of the scrapbook, I forgot to stay and watch the credits for extras.  I’d put The Incredibles in a close second to Up.

Anyway, I thought I’d say hi. I’m enjoying your reviews and I’ll be back to read more of them soon.

Ed — Boulder, Colorado (2008 January 7)

…and two spoiled cats”? What other kind of cats are there? My two kitties can get away with anything because daddy is wrapped around their little paws. My housemate’s two kitties are even worse!

Thanks for checking out my web page! :)

And you’re right, all cats are spoiled. Or should be. You heard about the Japanese researchers that were able to produce a glowing cat? My husband and I are waiting for someone to discover that those innocent-looking kittens can look at us and actually see the word “sucker” on the foreheads of their future "staff"…

— Shukti, owned by various cats since 1991 (and loving it)

Anna — Bartlett, Illinois (2007 April 24)

Penny Dreadful :] That was an excellent review but somehow I think that movie is undeserving even of the effort it takes to write one. What a waste of film!

Thanks for writing, Anna. Yeah, it was an inane movie, but that’s what I do… then I watch something good to get the taste out of my mouth. — Shukti

Matt — Woodstock, Illinois: (2007 April 5)

Yeah… pretty close [agreeing with my opinion on 300]. Except you’re going to buy the DVD and I’m going to spit on it.

Dude, at least get some good out of it and use the DVD as a beverage coaster! I’ll bet you’ll like Zodiac though. — Shukti

Bill — Schaumburg, Illinois (2007 April 5)

I think you should be syndicated! While we may not always agree, I totally enjoyed your writing… I do think he (Borat) was at least 2 morsels funny. ;)

Thanks Bill! And Shukti send you glorious morsel for benefit kind words of letter. — Shukti

Michele — Chicago, Illinois (2007 March 20)

Just read your review of Casino Royale and I am impressed. Very well written. Gives me just enough information about the film without giving anything away.

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