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Lifetime Movies

2012 April 25

My husband always teases me about Lifetime movies, saying they always feature a woman in danger. I've even made jokes about “The Insensitive Male Bastard Film Festival” on Lifetime, but it’s simply untrue that it’s a woman in danger all the time. This only seems to happen 99.999% of the time.

I’ve noticed that when the woman is evil, there is a formula, and “always” can be applied here. It’s always a loony woman, menacing anyone who stands in the way of the poor slob unlucky enough to catch her eye, and he often doesn’t even know it. Really, the plot of the thing is the same. Only characters are changed, and even they are interchangeable.

Here, let me show you:

Insane, psychobeast covets and those pesky in her way. There is always a clueless who won’t believe she’s doing this despite But fear not, in the end she’s caught by

See? Just like building a salad at the salad bar.


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