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Craving a Little Ink?

2011 May 25

While I’ve always admired a good tattoo on other people, I’m personally not a big ink person — I had one small Chinese symbol tattooed on my back a few years ago and was ready for the proverbial fork — and then life happened. I had a nasty surgical scar that I wanted gone, or at least hidden.

I thought about this for a few months and decided what I wanted: cherry blossoms. Japanese style cherry blossoms, cascading down my side, with flowers in various shades of crimson and pinks to camouflage the scar tissue, if not hide it. I ran it by Mr. Shukti and he was fine with that. Yes it’s my body, but he has to look at it. I’m flexible; if he was a big calla lily fan or something I’d have worked that out. He really didn’t care, as long as it was a good, safe artist from a square house.

I was already ahead of him there. I walked back into Redwood’s Wildside Tattoo, where I got my Chinese symbol, and was met by Dusty; Red and Josh were both inking people when I arrived. They all do beautiful work; and when I told Dusty what I wanted, he not only pretty much read my mind, he was also the first person to point out that ink on scar tissue is not a good idea, because the color may not adhere (and other issues). He suggested going around the thing, saying that the scars would recede with all the jewel-toned ink around them. He drafted up a drawing for me, and I loved it. I went in a week later and in three hours…he gave me this. Yes, it hurt. Yes, it was worth it.

cherry blossom tattoo

See the scars? Yeah, me either. I love it.


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